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Sony shows latest Project Morpheus prototype at GDC: here are the impressive new specs

Sony introduced its virtual reality headset Project Morpheus at GDC last year, and since then the company has been cagey about whether or not the hardware would be turned into an actual product. At GDC today, Sony shared the new prototype that's closer to what we'd expect from a consumer version.

"A year ago, we were here at GDC to unveil Project Morpheus, our virtual reality system for PlayStation 4. For the last year we all have seen the VR world explode." With more kinds of virtual reality being talked about and tried, more people are excited about the technology, and this is good news for Sony.

Behind the scenes they've been improving the technology to get the consumer version ready. The new version features an OLED display that runs at a resolution of "1920 by RGB by 1080," where all pixels have red, green and blue sub-pixels, and the OLED allows for a low-persistence display. 120 Hz refresh rate will allow them to deliver incredibly smooth videos. They can render games at 120 frames-per-second, which is ideal for VR, according to Yoshida.

The PlayStation 4 has actually been designed to support 120 frames-per-second, which is a detail they haven't discussed until today. There is also a software function that allows games that run at 60 fps to output at 120 fps. We'll be able to try demos using this technology today.

The hardware will also offer latency under 18 milliseconds, less than half of the first Morpheus hardware. It will have a 5.7 inch screen with "about" 100 degree field of view. There are also now nine tracking LEDS, three more than the previous prototype.

Project Morpheus GDC 2015 prototype

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