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Let's build a lawsuit-inducing nightmare deathtrap in ScreamRide

ScreamRide is a game about building rollercoasters that elicit screams from their riders — but only certain kinds of screams, you see. The sweet spot is that scream you get when your clients are scared of how fast your rollercoaster can go, or of the labyrinthine twists and turns your user-generated tracks include. What you don't want is the scream you get when a rider realizes their impending doom, because they've just been loosed from the car and are traveling at impossible speeds towards a brick wall. Those are bad screams.

Check out the Overview above to see ScreamRide, which launches today on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, in action. The video gives you a good comparison between those two types of screams, because our rollercoaster engineers may have flown a little too close to the sun. So are our riders, now. Look at them go!

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