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Wasteland 2: Game of the Year Edition coming to Xbox One and PS4 this summer (update)

InXile Entertainment's post-apocalyptic role-playing game Wasteland 2 — the sequel to the 1998 original — is coming to Xbox One, Microsoft announced at GDC this week.

Wasteland 2 is "coming soon" to Xbox One as part of the ID@Xbox program, according to a new trailer for the game. The trailer, which you can watch below, says the Xbox One version of the turn-based role-playing game will feature a new quirks and perks system; a new precision strike system; a "complete art and lighting overhaul including use of Unity 5's new physically based rendering"; updated character models; and new voiceover work.

InXile's Wasteland 2 was crowdfunded through Kickstarter in 2012, raising close to $3 million from more than 60,000 backers. The game was released this past September and is available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

Update: InXile Entertainment announced March 4 that Wasteland 2 is also on its way to PlayStation 4. The Xbox One and PS4 versions will bear the designation "Game of the Year Edition," and both are scheduled to be released this summer.

It sounds like the console versions may be offered in a special deal for existing customers.

"If you are backer of Wasteland 2 or have already purchased it on PC, fear not. We will announce great news for you later," said Brian Fargo, founder and CEO of InXile Entertainment, in a press release today.

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