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Ghostbusters as the triumph of science over God (and 37 minutes of other stuff you missed)

I'm going to admit from the front that 37 minutes is a long time to spend on a video that breaks down what makes Ghostbusters such an amazing movie, but holy heck this is criticism that's worth your time.

The central question is whether Ghostbusters is as good as its cultural footprint would suggest, and the answer is a resounding yes. This video does a great job of exploring, and then explaining, the literally dozens of things it does well that you may have missed on your second or even 10th viewing.

A few examples? The characters have no arcs, and don't really change through the film. The central conflict is resolved through technology, education and even bravery. There is no mystical talisman or chosen one that saves the day. It's a movie that sticks with adult topics and mostly adult jokes that still deeply speaks to children. The list goes on and on.

Give this a watch, and really pay attention. Ghostbusters is a much better film, crafted by a large group of people at the absolute top of their game, than even fans often give it credit for.

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