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Bloodborne can be beaten in just 44 minutes, watch how it's done

Needless to say, there are Bloodborne spoilers in the video.

There are many interesting things about this run, including the fact that Oginam_tv says he can do it faster. As of this writing though, this seems to be the fastest time.

It's also not quite honest, there are glitches and exploits being used here to get the absolute shortest time, but the mastery on display is still impressive.

"This run makes use of a duplication glitch involving a second character's stash inventory (that character is made during the run to show it) and a very early skip into a later part of the game (just jumping over a fence really)," the video's description states. "This was a pretty good run but I can certainly get faster."

Kotaku has the lowdown on how to use the duplication glitch if you want to give this sort of run a shot for yourself.

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