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Marvel's getting into the newspaper business next month

The universe is ending, and you can read all about it in the inaugural edition of The New York Bulletin, a bona fide newspaper that Marvel Comics will publish this April.

The newspaper's articles and features will prepare readers for the cataclysmic events that take place over the summer in Secret Wars. At its conclusion, that storyline will merge the Marvel Universe and Ultimate Universe.

When The New York Bulletin arrives in comic shops this April, a week before Secret Wars #1 hits on May 2, readers will also get a roadmap that explains the landmark events and stories that set up the battles to come.

"Who is the mysterious and 'quiet' vigilante who leads the Inhuman rebellion?," a post on Marvel's official site asks. "This tell-all expose will keep you up-to-date on Inhuman affairs! Homicide, mischief and mayhem! Scan the Police Blotter for a list of major crimes put to a halt by the Thors! Looking for a great vacation spot? Don’t miss the new, expanded Travel section!"

Marvel revealed the timeline-merging Secret Wars storyline in January. Earlier this month, Marvel's SVP of sales and marketing, David Gabriel, said that 33 comic books will become Secret Wars casualties. The storyline will also produce a new team of Avengers.

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