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Dragon Age writer David Gaider is working on a secret project for BioWare

Senior BioWare writer David Gaider is leaving his post as writer for the Dragon Age series, he announced on Twitter.

Gaider is staying with the studio, however. According to the writer, he will be moving on to an as-of-yet unnamed project with BioWare.

"I have decided [to] leave Dragon Age and move onto a new, upcoming BioWare project (which I can't discuss)," Gaider wrote on Twitter. "While it's hard to leave Dragon Age behind, 10 years is a long time to work on any one project. I decided it was time for something new."

Gaider's work on the Dragon Age series has included writing character dialog, quests and narrative for all three games in the series. BioWare writer Patrick Weekes will now take up Gaider's role as lead writer on the series.

BioWare has teased a number of upcoming projects over the last year, including its upcoming role-playing game Shadow Realms which was in development at BioWare Austin before being canceled this month. The company is also thought to be quietly working on a new entry in the Mass Effect franchise. BioWare revealed that it had plans for "another full game" in the Mass Effect franchise way back in 2012. The developer said previously that calling the new title Mass Effect 4 is a "disservice" to the game, as it will not follow the trilogy's Commander Shepard.

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