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Gone Home is no longer coming to consoles

Indie hit Gone Home is no longer scheduled to release on consoles, Fullbright developer Steve Gaynor told DualShockers.

The first-person exploration title was first released to Windows PC in 2013 with plans to port the game to console; However, according to Gaynor this is no longer the case as the studio no longer has a publishing deal with its original publisher Majesco. The studio will instead focus its attention on its upcoming space exploration title Tacoma, slated for 2016.

Last year it was confirmed that Gone Home would be headed to consoles by the end of 2014, without specifying which exact systems. In August of last year, Nintendo of America's senior manager of licensing and marketing Damon Baker revealed Gone Home would be coming to Wii U.

However, publiser Majesco has faced financial difficulties throughout the last few years.

In March 2013, Nasdaq gave Majesco 180 calendar days to raise its stock price or face delisting if it remained below $1 per share. In August 2013, Majesco received a 180 day extension to comply before Feb. 14, 2014. Nasdaq required that Majesco keep its stock above the minimum value for 10 consecutive business days or it would be delisted. In February 2014, when its stock was trading at $0.54, management sought stockholder approval for a reverse stock split to raise the value of stock beyond the minimum threshold. In July 2014, Majesco stock rose above $1 per share. In early November 2014, Majesco filed a From 8-K outlining its ongoing troubles and efforts to alleviate them.

You can read more about Fullbright's next game Tacoma here.