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Evolve adding observer mode to help livestreamers broadcast matches

Evolve, the four-on-one monster-hunting multiplayer shooter that launched in February, is getting an observer mode, developer Turtle Rock Studios announced today.

Observer Mode will allow gamers to spectate and comment on Evolve matches without using additional equipment, Turtle Rock said in a statement. Its features essentially mimic the tools that Turtle Rock itself uses during its weekly livestreams of the game. See it in action in that trailer above.

Through Observer Mode, a sixth player may passively enter the match without affecting gameplay, and that player may switch the view to any other player in the match, rotating the camera around the player if they choose.

Additionally, the sixth player will have a custom heads-up display that shows vital information about those in the match while reducing on-screen clutter. Players also may be outlined, making them easier to see across the map. The HUD's features can be toggled on or off, and the whole thing may be removed for those who want a cinematic camera angle.

The mode will primarily assist those who are livestreaming Evolve matches. A blog post did not specify when the mode will be added to the game, saying only it will come "soon." It will be a free addition.

For more details, see the link. Three other screenshots below provide information on what Observer Mode will include.

Evolve - Observer Mode

Evolve - Observer Mode

Evolve - Observer Mode

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