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Best Buy 'Gamers Club' program drops from $100 to $30, offers 20 percent off new games

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Best Buy is lowering the price of its Gamers Club Unlocked membership from $99.99 to $30 for the same two-year membership, the retailer announced today.

The new price goes into effect March 8. Perks of the paid membership include 20 percent off new physical retail games, 10 percent off used games and a 10 percent trade-in bonus on games you sell back. Subscribers also get twice the My Best Buy points on purchases of new games, digital games and gaming accessories.

For comparison, GameStop's PowerUp Rewards Pro program is $14.99 a year, and that includes a free subscription to Game Informer magazine. GameStop's deal offers the same 10 percent off used games and 10 percent trade-in bonus, but doesn't include the sizable 20 percent discount for new inventory.

If you mostly buy used games, GameStop's one-year membership, free magazine subscription and massive used games inventory is hard to ignore. But if you're at all inclined to buy new, a $12 savings on each full-priced new console release will pay for itself pretty quickly over a two-year window.

As if to make the case for Best Buy's membership even stronger, the company added, "Even amiibos are 20 percent off with Gamers Club Unlocked." So if we converted this savings into amiibo math, that means you'd need to purchase 12 of Nintendo's RFID-enabled figurines from the blue box store to make your $30 back.

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