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You'll be able to use your Xbox One controller wirelessly on PC 'later this year'

While we admit to being somewhat incredulous that it's taken this long to get this product out the door, Microsoft has finally announced a wireless adapter "that will let you use current Xbox controllers and future devices wirelessly on your PCs" when it's released later this year.

The Xbox One's controller didn't support Windows at all when the console launched in November 2013, and while a driver was released last June, it didn't solve the issue of connecting the WiFi Direct-enabled controller to your computer. Microsoft even released an Xbox One controller for Windows PCs in September of last year that was ... the exact same Xbox One controller, but bundled with a free micro USB cable.

We don't know what the adapter will look like — the previous generation's Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver was pretty large — or what it will cost, but we're glad to finally learn of it nonetheless.

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