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Alien: Isolation looks a lot different in third person

Alien: Isolation developer Alistair Hope offered a look at an earlier version of the game — featuring third-person view — during a GDC talk today, and the footage has since been uploaded by Destructoid.

The shift in camera has an instant effect on the game's atmosphere, particularly to Alien: Isolation's claustrophobic sensibilities.

Last year, Creative Assembly design lead Clive Lindop spoke to us about the debates the studio had over whether to feature third or first-person camera in the game.

"We really argued about third-person versus first-person," Lindop said. "In third-person, you have too much information. Your character is hiding behind a desk, but the camera is up above and you see too much. You know more than the alien does. The fact that you can't see stuff in first-person really drives you crazy."

Take a look for yourself below.

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