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Valve adds latest Steam Machines hardware specs, pricing to Steam store

The first batch of official Steam Machines are coming this November, and the hardware manufacturers making those computers for the living room have updated hardware specs and prices available on the official Steam store. The latest Steam Machines coming from 15 PC manufacturers — from Alienware to Zotac, with prices ranging from the hundreds of dollars to the thousands — are now live for browsing.

The cheapest of the initial Steam Machines, iBuyPower's SBX, starts at $459.99. Many others start at around twice that, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and performance capabilities. On the higher end, PC makers Falcon Northwest and Origin PC offer Steam Machines that cost upward of $5,000. The list of Steam Machines from third-party manufacturers has changed considerably since they were unveiled last year as time and technology marches on.

Valve also has new Steam store pages for its finalized Steam Controller and its streaming hardware Steam Link, both of which are also due in November.

Those hardware items can be followed on Steam, so users can get updates and pre-order details similar to software on Steam.

For more on Valve's hardware plans, check out Polygon's impressions of the Steam Controller and HTC's virtual reality headset Vive from GDC 2015.

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