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Offworld relaunched as a new site for diverse game writing

At today's #1ReasonToBe GDC panel concerning women in games, veteran game journalists Leigh Alexander and Laura Hudson (disclosure: both women are personal acquaintances of mine) announced Offworld. Offworld will be a new gaming site with a focus on women and minority voices, hosted in collaboration with BoingBoing. Alexander will serve as editor-in-chief and Hudson will be the site's senior editor.

"Offworld is a place for curious and playful grown-ups... there will be an unequivocal and uncompromising home for women and minorities, whose voices will comprise most of the work published here," reads the site's initial statement. "We're looking forward to loving games again," Alexander said in her announcement.

Offworld will open its doors on Monday, March 9. Check out the site for the official announcement.

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