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Heroes of the Storm gets new hero, new map and college tourney

Blizzard's Dustin Browder described Tomb of the Spider Queen map as a knife fight in a closet.

"It's incredibly small," he said." We call it a knife fight in a closet kind of map. It's very contained, the lanes are very close together."

The map also features spawning spiders which you can kill for gems. If you collect enough gems you can summon a spider queen.

Browder also showed off a new hero: Sylvanas, Queen of the Forsaken.

She's a siege character with a high DPS who Klinchuch described as sneaky and evil. Her core ability is a bow and arrow. She has two core abilities to choose from at level 10. One is a wailing arrow and another is the ability to possess mercenaries and minions.

"She can shut down minions, mercenaries and towers," he said. "If you leave her alone in one lane long enough, that lane will be gone before you know it."

Browder also said the team is redoing the entire game's user interface and that future patches will add the ability to mute all allies, an end game score screen and the ability to have clans.

Other changes coming include a new seven day stim back at level 10, new hero levels 11 to 20, no more talent gating at account level 30 and more goals.

The talk wrapped up with the announcement of Heroes of the Dorm, a new eSports tournament that has players competing for a chance to win tuition for their "college career."