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Sony beta testing new PS4 firmware version 2.50, includes suspend mode

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Sony is letting select PlayStation 4 owners beta test the system's upcoming firmware, version 2.50, according to apparently leaked emails sent to PlayStation MVPs. The update will supposedly bring with it a long-awaited feature: the ability to put the PS4 into rest mode without shutting down games and applications.

According to an alleged screenshot of a leaked email from Sony, some PS4 owners will be able to beta test version 2.50 of the system's firmware if they opt-in. Selected PlayStation MVPs will apparently receive a message via PlayStation Network and a voucher to download the beta system software by March 9.

Other features supposedly coming in the new PS4 firmware include the option to delete PlayStation Trophies with zero percent completion and the ability to Share Play games at 60 frames per second.

Sony giving PS4 owners the option to preview upcoming system software updates before they roll out to everyone follows similar efforts from Microsoft. The Xbox maker started its Preview Program last year, letting select Xbox One users get an advanced look at system software updates. Microsoft is extending the program to Xbox 360 this year.