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Scenes from Just Cause 3's destructive playground

Avalanche Studios took to PAX East today to show off more screenshots from Just Cause 3 during a hosted panel on the game, but it still didn't show off the game in action.

Roland Lesterlin, game director for Just Cause 3, said they're not showing in-game footage yet because they want to do things "the right way."

"We want to put all of the finishing touches on the game and polish before we show it," he said. "It's coming and it's worth it."

Lesterlin and a group of other developers from Avalanche, including studio founder and COO Christofer Sundberg, talked about the history of the series and a bit about the game with Kinda Funny.Com's Greg Miller during the panel.

Details on Just Cause 3 were relatively light, though Sundberg did talk briefly about how important modding is for the series.

"The guys on the Just Cause multiplayer mod team have helped keep Just Cause 2 alive for five years after release," he said. "We've looked a lot at what they've done as we planned out the third game. There is no multiplayer mode in Just Cause 3, we're focusing entirely on the sandbox experience, but we will continue to support and work with the modding community and we will see what happens."