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Sony's Shuhei Yoshida on whether we'll see Jumping Flash on Project Morpheus

"I'm going to ask you the most important question of GDC," I tell Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony's Worldwide Studios for Sony Computer Entertainment.

He leans forward and scrunches his brow a bit. "OK," he responds.

"What are the chances we're going to get a Project Morpheus version of Jumping Flash?"

Yoshida leans back in his chair and begins to laugh. I tell him he may not be taking this seriously enough.

Jumping Flash was originally released in January 1996 in North America, and it was one of the first PlayStation games to really take advantage of what the system could do in 3D. You played as Robbit, the robotic rabbit, and you could triple-jump to great heights to explore each level. It was a beautiful game for the time, and the sense of scale and vertigo is enough to make one a big sick even today, so it's a natural fit for Sony's virtual reality solution.

"There are some ideas from Worldwide studios, because there are some fans of the title back in the day. I agree it would be great in VR! Yeah. Hmmm," he puts his hand to his chin and thinks about it for a second. "Yes. Thank you."

He seems intrigued by the idea, but won't say anything else. My dream lives on.

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