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Watch Crota, Destiny's baddest boss, killed by one man ... with no guns

You gotta feel for Bungie.

You work day in and day out making a new boss in Destiny that you think is going to provide a real challenge. You think "Man, if a team wants to kill Crota they need to simultaneously fire on him with rockets while a lone player retrieves a sword and attacks him at the exact moment he's vulnerable. This is tough!"

And, miracle of miracles, it works. It is tough. It's a real challenge and you go to sleep thinking "I did a good job. Time well spent, that's one tough boss I made."

And then The HM05 comes along and kills him alone ... without guns.

If you'd like to see the whole raid finished sans bullets you can check out The HM05's post here, but we've got the climax embedded above. If you're Bungie? Well, back to the drawing board, we guess.