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Capcom does April Fools' right with 'Dog Ace Attorney'

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Today is April Fools Day, a holiday invented in 2006 by the video games industry and affiliated media to promote themselves. Many don't do it well, but there are a few gems each year. This video from Capcom, Dog Ace Attorney, is one.

Update: Capcom, for some unknown, lame reason, took the video down. We found a copy and put it back up.

See, it's all in the disguise. This would not work for Electronic Arts or Activision. Capcom expertly exploits the fact it has Japanese and Western release cycles for some of its series, and that Americans often take a language they can't even read or speak as God's truth for what's coming next. Thus we have the cast of Ace Attorney reimagined as canines. Let the cognitive dissonance flowwww through you.

Even the Google translate for the video's description on YouTube is superb. "genre: dog court battle." "Number of play dog: one animal." But mostly, it's the yapping/barking dialogue effect that has me in stitches. Does anyone here read Japanese? I have to imagine they're saying, "These suckers will believe anything, watch this."

Dog Ace Attorney is not launching today for the "Wantendo 1DOGS." We wish it was. Good boy, Capcom! Good boy! Here, have a treat.

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