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Bloodborne patch fixes game-crushing and item duplication bugs

Bloodborne's first patch squashed a pair of bugs this week that could halt game progress, make a boss fight disappear and allow players to duplicate items at will.

Shortly after the game's release last week, Bloodborne players reported that, if players performed a specific action in a geographical location, a key wouldn't appear in that area. That could halt progress or prevent a boss fight. Late last week, Sony told Polygon that a fix was incoming.

Spoiler warning: The remainder of this article contains minor spoilers, including the names of a boss, a location and an item. It does not mention plot.

That title update is live and brings Bloodborne to version 1.02, which "fixes the issue of not being able to obtain the 'Lunarium Key' once the user partakes in online multiplayer as a co-operative guest by using the 'Small Resonant Bell' or as a hostile guest by using the 'Sinister Resonant Bell' in the area, 'Forbidden Woods'."

The patch's only other bullet point reads "Bug fixes," though it doesn't elaborate. Based on Polygon's testing, the item duplication bug, in which players used two characters to duplicate consumable items, is no more. Those included Blood Echoes, which serve as the game's universal currency and allow players to level up.

Bloodborne launched exclusively for PlayStation 4 last Tuesday, and the glitch above is one of a handful that players have discovered since. Over the weekend, YouTube user Oginam_tv used a combination of glitches and exploits to beat the game in 44 minutes.

For more on Bloodborne, you can read Polygon's review and browse our video-filled game guide. Press play below to learn some deadly, secretive moves.

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