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Looks like the new Guitar Hero will be unveiled April 14

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

Reports of Activision's new Guitar Hero appear to be accurate, based on an invite that Polygon received today. We received a press pass to the SoundDial festival, an event at which seemingly fictitious bands Broken Tide, Blackout Conspiracy, Our Pasts Collide and other bands will be playing.

While our invitation didn't include details about the event's date or venue, other outlets have apparently received similar invites to a "new game reveal event" on April 14.

There's no official word from Activision yet that this is a Guitar Hero-related event, but the SoundDial festival and interactive music videos for that event have appeared on various casting websites. One dancer lists a "SoundDial interactive music video shoot" on her résumé, saying the job was related to "Guitar Hero for PS4." Another actor lists an "interactive music video game" gig for a company called SoundDial. A handful of actors on Casting Call Pro list work for a Guitar Hero project filmed in 2014 for London-based Pulse Films.

The new Guitar Hero is rumored to be in development at FreeStyleGames, developer of Activision's DJ Hero and Nintendo's Sing Party. FreeStyleGames is located in Warwickshire, about 90 minutes outside of London. FreeStyleGames is currently hiring developers and says it's "working on a new ground-breaking Multi-Platform and Mobile project."

Reports of a new Guitar Hero game hit earlier this year, indicating a reboot of the franchise for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for 2015.

The Guitar Hero franchise has been on hold since 2010's Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, which was developed by now-defunct studio Neversoft and Vicarious Visions. Guitar Hero's return will seemingly hit the same year as the revival of its chief music game rival, Harmonix's new Rock Band.