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Fishing, zombies and a premium area are heading to the 3DS Mii Plaza

Two new games are on their way to the Nintendo 3DS' Mii Plaza: the fishing focused Ultimate Angler and the zombie-infested Battleground Z, the handheld maker announced during a Nintendo Direct event today.

Ultimate Angler will send players to various StreetPass islands, where they'll have to capture 150 sea creatures, including several of the legendary monster variety. In Battleground Z, Miis battle hordes of the undead. It will assign your digital characters roles based on their hobbies, because they live in Hobbiville. It will include 26 makeshift weapons.

Both downloadable games will cost $4.99 at their release. Purchased together, they'll cost $7.99. Nintendo did not specify a release date for either.

Nintendo is also releasing the StreetPass Mii Plaza Premium, where 3DS owners can store 100 of their favorite or special Miis. Buyers will also be able to store Mii birthdays. Like the games above, it will cost $4.99. The Premium plaza will be released April 16.

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