Ghostbusters? Scooby Doo? Minecraft? Which Lego set should show up next in Lego Dimensions?

What Lego dreams may come?

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This week's big Lego Dimensions announcement is a meaningful entry in the ever-growing toys-to-life genre.

Backed by the publishing prowess of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and development knowledge of longtime Lego-to-game developers TT Games, Lego Dimensions has a lot going for it.

But the game's unveiling is just the start.

Lego has a decade-and-a-half history of getting companies to allow it to turn amazing franchises into even more amazing brickly toys. And their skill at transforming beloved characters into beloved minifigs in unparalleled. And then there's Warner Bros., a massive entertainment company with rights to a boggling amount of popular franchises, a company that owns not a small part of our national pop culture.

Smash those two together and what do you get?

Well, so far you get a game that allows you to drop minifigs onto a Lego Toy Pad and put them into an interactive Lego universe. At launch, Lego Dimensions will include licensed characters and settings from DC Comics, The Wizard of Oz, Back to the Future, its own brand Ninjago and the massive Lego Movie universe. All of these wonderful franchises, wonderful toys playing together in one place.

But what else could they add down the line?

The Matrix, Looney Tunes, The Great Race, Camelot, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I Am Legend, The Hangover, Inception, American Sniper; the list of films and properties that Warner Bros. may have some rights to goes on and on and on. That's why this partnership with Lego is such a big deal: Who knows what they may decide to toss into the mix. Would the inclusion of the The Maltese Falcon or Dirty Harry be any more surprising than this week's news that the game includes Back to the Future and The Wizard of Oz?

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    Which Lego themes may go digital, which likely won't?

  1. Bionicle

    LEGO Bionicle


    What is it: The Bionicle universe features part-organic, part-machine creatures.

    Medium: Toys, comics, video games, films, TV

    Number of active sets: 13

    Likelihood: Lego created and owns this franchise, so it seems likely they may want to introduce it to their massive game over time. Also, the theme fits perfectly.

  2. DC Comics Super Heroes

    DC Comics Super Heroes

    DC Comics Super Heroes

    What is it: Lego's take on the DC comic universe.

    Medium: Toys, comics, video games, films, TV

    Number of active sets: 43

    Likelihood: With Batman in the Dimensions starter pack and a promise for more to come, this is absolutely happening. We expect there is a lot more to come.

  3. Disney Princess

    Disney Princess

    Disney Princess

    What is it: Lego teamed up with Disney to create this line which includes Cinderella, Ariel, Merida and Rapunzel. The theme also includes castles, towers, carriages and other fitting set pieces.

    Medium: Toys, movies, TV

    Number of active sets: 9

    Likelihood: While it would be a great fit and likely expand the reach of the game, the fact that Disney owns it likely means it won't happen. Disney Infinity doesn't need the competition.

  4. Legends of Chima

    LEGO Chima

    Legends of Chima

    What is it: This is a Lego-created property that features a wide range of anthropomorphic animals living as tribes in a pristine land.

    Medium: Toys, TV

    Number of active sets: 72

    Likelihood: I sure as heck hope so. They own it and who wouldn't want an anthropomorphic elephant going toe-to-toe with the Cowardly Lion?

  5. Marvel Super Heroes

    LEGO Marvel

    Marvel Super Heroes

    What is it: Lego's popular fusion of their toys and Marvel's comic heroes.

    Medium: Toys, TV, movies, comics, video games

    Number of active sets: 34

    Likelihood: With Disney Infinity already riding the success of Marvel in their toys-to-life game, I can't imagine that it would allow Lego to steal any of its thunder.

  6. Minecraft



    What is it: The adorable brick-take on the overwhelmingly popular sandbox, building game Minecraft.

    Medium: Toys, video games, books, soon a movie.

    Number of active sets: 10

    Likelihood: Microsoft owns this property and we're not sure exactly what Lego's rights include, but boy would this be another wonderful addition to Lego Dimensions.

  7. Ninjago

    LEGO Ninjago


    What is it: Lego ninjas that have spawned a virtual empire of content for the brick company.

    Medium: Toys, comics, movies, TV, books, video games

    Number of active sets: 42

    Likelihood: It's happening, while they're not in the starter pack, Lego has already announced four add-ons featuring the ninja toys.

  8. Pirates

    LEGO Pirates


    What is it: In a perfect world, the Pirates set would be an antidote to Ninjago, but unfortunately they're just pirate-themed toys.

    Medium: Toys

    Number of active sets: 6

    Likelihood: No one can really own pirates and who doesn't love them? Also, the game has ninjas, so they have to have pirates, right?

  9. Star Wars

    LEGO Star Wars

    Star Wars

    What is it: The franchise that made Lego and Lego games what they are today. These beloved brick adaptations of the George Lucas' films are a fan-favorite.

    Medium: Toys, comics, movies, TV, books, video games

    Number of active sets: 123

    Likelihood: Not a snowball's chance in hell. Disney owns this and widespread rumor has the company injecting the franchise into Disney Infinity this year.

  10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    What is it: They're heroes in a half shell.

    Medium: Toys, comics, TV, movies, video games

    Number of active sets: 17

    Likelihood: It's unclear what sort of rights Lego have to the franchise and while Warner Bros. released one of the films, they weren't associated with the last one. Let's put this down as possible, mostly because how cool would that be?

  11. The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit

    LEGO Lord of the Rings

    The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit

    What is it: A faithful adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkein's classic story, only with Legos.

    Medium: Toys, comics, TV, movies, video games

    Number of active sets: 25 between the two

    Likelihood:  It's happening. You get Gandalf with the starter pack and three Lord of the Rings add-on packs will get you Lego Gollum, Lego Gimli and Lego Legolas minifigures.

  12. The Lego Movie

    LEGO Movie

    The Lego Movie

    What is it: A wonderful mash-up of pop-culture icons in a lovely movie built with Legos and starring minifigs.

    Medium: Toys, movies, video games

    Number of active sets: 53

    Likelihood: It's happening. Much of Lego Dimension's premise seems built around some of the ideas introduced in the movie. Also, Wyldstyle comes with the starter pack. Four Lego Movie add-on packs will get you Emmet, Bad Cop, Benny and Unikitty characters.

  13. The Simpsons

    LEGO Simpsons

    The Simpsons

    What is it: Long-running animated television show about a caring father and his respectful son.

    Medium: Toys, TV, movie, video game, comics

    Number of active sets: 3

    Likelihood: It's unclear what sort of rights Lego might have, but it doesn't seem like a good fit so I think this is unlikely.

  14. The Wizard of Oz

    LEGO Wizard of Oz

    The Wizard of Oz

    What is it: A tale about farmer's daughter sent to the land of Oz via a witch-killing house.

    Medium: movie

    Number of active sets: None

    Likelihood: Lego has confirmed that The Wizard of Oz will be in the game. You can pick up an add-on pack with a Lego Wicked Witch of the West minifigure after launch.

  15. Back to the Future

    LEGO Back to the Future

    Back to the Future

    What is it: The story of a time-traveling, hoverboard-riding, mother-loving teen and his insane professor friend.

    Medium: Movies

    Number of active sets: None

    Likelihood: Lego has confirmed that Back to the Future will be in the game. We've seen the time-traveling Delorean in action and you can pick up an add-on after launch with a Lego Marty McFly minifigure.

  16. Jurassic World

    LEGO Jurassic World

    Jurassic World

    What is it: TT Games' Lego video game take on the upcoming movie.

    Medium: Movie, toys

    Number of active sets: 6

    Likelihood: Lego is releasing the sets timed to the Universal film and TT Games, which is creating Lego Dimensions, is working on the game. It would be a great fit, but I'm not entirely convinced that Universal will license the property.

  17. Harry Potter

    LEGO Harry Potter

    Harry Potter

    What is it: Scared boy hunts down his parents' killer. Lots of people die. There's magic.

    Medium: Toys, books, movie, video games

    Number of active sets: 64

    Likelihood: Warner Bros. made all of the movies, Lego came out with lots of sets and TT Games created a slew of video games. It sounds like there's a good possibility, depending on the particulars of the rights.

  18. Ghostbusters



    What is it: If there's something strange in your neighborhood, this is who you call: Ghostbusters.

    Medium: Movies, video games, toys, TV

    Number of active sets: Officially? None, but one but one amazing fan-designed Cuusoo.

    Likelihood: They sort of have a Lego set, and everyone absolutely loves them. Warner Bros. doesn't own the rights, but Ghostbusters is a franchise that's never been shy about popping up in merchandise, cartoons or toys.

  19. Indiana Jones

    LEGO Indiana Jones

    Indiana Jones

    What is it: Whip-toting archeologist spends his breaks from teaching at the university to save relics from Nazis.

    Medium: Movies, video games, toys

    Number of active sets: 18

    Likelihood: This is another tough pill to swallow. Disney bought out Lucas which netted them not only Star Wars, but Indiana Jones. I don't see this franchise showing up anywhere other than Disney Infinity in toys-to-life games.

  20. Scooby Doo

    LEGO Scooby Doo

    Scooby Doo

    What is it:  Great Dane and his band of misfit humans investigate crimes almost always committed by people pretending to be ghosts or monsters.

    Medium: TV, comics, movies, video games, toys

    Number of active sets: 5

    Likelihood: DC owns the rights to publish Scooby-Doo and Warner Bros. owns DC so they better make it happen!

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