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Watch an amazing Dishonored run, and then go reinstall the game

This video is a great look at what made Dishonored so enjoyable.

You're watching someone who has clearly put the time and energy into learning these levels backwards and forwards, and the lack of hesitation and precision of each attack is just a joy to watch. It feels like a great action scene from a movie that no one will ever make.

The video does many things right, and what's fun about it is the creator clearly wanted us to have fun watching it as he used a variety of powers in the coolest ways possible. This is a run that's edited, where the first-person view is used almost like a camera. Even the slow moment before the mine goes off adds to the drama of the scene. The mine that's placed, of course, while on the move.

This isn't a run that shows the quickest way to do something, nor is purely about showing off the skill. There's a sense of showmanship to it that you don't get in pure speedruns.

We gave Dishonored a 9 out of 10 back when it was released, and by gosh I'm going to reinstall it tonight and play a bit more. It's great that players are still out there mastering the game and releasing videos like this, and now I'm counting down the months until the inevitable sequel reveal.

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