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See Ant-Man's second full trailer right here (Update)

Ant-Man is getting its second full trailer sometime today — the first one hit back in January — and Marvel teased it last night with this, shown during the MTV Movie Awards. Update: Welp, that didn't take long. Marvel just put it up moments ago.

This time Marvel is taking a more serious tone. A soldier the size of an insect, that's a concept that has some utility (really, think about it) as opposed to someone who dresses up like an ant and shrinks himself for the hell of it. Hank Pym battled that kind of insecurity and identity crisis throughout his tenure; this flick will feature both men who put on the suit, with Paul Rudd as Scott Lang in the lead role.

For more on why Ant-Man matters, see this explainer.

Oh, and here's the original teaser, FWIW.

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