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Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward opening movie shows airborne fantasy

Spoilers: Includes scenes from the final moments of Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn's main story.

If you're looking forward to the June arrival of Final Fantasy 14 expansion Heavensward, here's a taster: the opening cinematic.

Heavensword, as the name suggests, includes the addition of flying mounts. This five-minute cinematic offers plenty of airborne action, as well as the sort of stylish fantasy art we've come to expect from Square Enix's series.

Last month, director Naoki Yoshida told Polygon that the expansion will offer "a different kind of excitement" to the core MMO. "The launch of Heavensward is building a foundation. It's a launch pad for where we can start our evolution," he said.

Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward will be released on June 23. Early access to the expansion will be available beginning June 19 for those who pre-order.

Square Enix also released a cinematic called "Final Fantasy 14: Flames of Truth" which combines the beginning segment of A Realm Reborn's opening with a video that was previously only shown to players who defeated a certain boss in a high-level raid.

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