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Play Hearthstone on your iPhone or Android phone starting today

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Blizzard's addictive card game, has been available on iPad tablets since April of last year, and Android tablets since December. But players eager to take the game everywhere with them have been left waiting for a promised mobile phone version. That wait is officially over.

Blizzard announced today that it has launched the mobile port of Hearthstone, playable on both iOS and Android mobile phones. The new version of the game features a completely redesigned interface to make it playable on much smaller screens.

As with previous versions, players' card collections will remain tied to their account, so you'll be able to share progress between the Windows PC, Mac, tablet and mobile versions of the game.

Blizzard also announced that anyone who finishes one full game of Hearthstone in its mobile iteration will be rewarded with a free classic card pack. Classic card packs are also available for anyone who finishes a game on iPad and Android tablets.

Hearthstone is live now on mobile devices, though Blizzard says it may take some time to show up in searches.

You can check out some of the user interface changes in the mobile version of Hearthstone in the video above, or watch us playthrough the newest Blackrock Mountain add-on content below.

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