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New Destiny patch fixes raid bugs, makes strikes easier, expands vault

Destiny developer Bungie is now rolling out a big update that fixes some pesky bugs in both raids, increases vault space and lowers the difficulty of two strikes, the studio announced today.

The patch, which brings Destiny to version 1.1.2, makes good on Bungie's intentions as expressed in a blog post last month. Players' vaults can now hold as many as 24 pieces of armor, 36 weapons and 24 general items (each increased from 20 slots). However, as previously announced, the greater capacity comes with a compromise for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 players: They'll no longer be able to compare items within the vault because of the last-gen consoles' memory limitations.

Update 1.1.2 also adds new visual modes for players who suffer from various types of colorblindness, as well as audio options that will let users mute Destiny's original score. A new item lock feature prevents gear and weapons from being accidentally dismantled. Guardians can now choose to wear their helmets while in the Tower. Eris Morn's bounties now offer higher rewards for Crota's Bane reputation. And Xur will once again sell heavy ammo; that was a bug.

Bungie also made some notable changes to a couple of Martian strikes and to both raids. In Cerberus Vae III, the studio reduced the strength of the boss, Valus Ta'aurc, by 33 percent, and lowered the number of major enemies. In the PlayStation-exclusive Dust Palace, players will see weaker shields on Psion Flayers and fewer majors overall.

Swords in the final battle of Crota's End will now last 30 seconds after being picked up, and Bungie fixed a glitch in which they'd occasionally vanish after a Swordbearer was killed. Plus, Crota will fully stand up before he swings his sword now. Fixes to the Vault of Glass include a more consistent hit rate for shield relic melee attacks on Minotaurs.

For more on update 1.1.2, including Crucible changes, check out the full patch notes on Bungie's website. Destiny publisher Activision announced yesterday that the game's second expansion, House of Wolves, will be released May 19. House of Wolves won't contain a new raid, but you can still watch its prologue below.

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