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One Witcher 3 fan has a simple demand: more butts

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What do you do when a game developer you love lets you down? Do you complain on Twitter? Start a petition? Organize a boycott? For one hardcore fan of developer CD Projekt Red's Witcher series, these options didn't seem like enough. So instead, she started a movement.

A movement for butts.

The commotion started earlier this week with a Reddit post about some very not-safe-for-work wallpapers and calendars that the poster received alongside their purchase of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition on GOG. It's worth noting that these are bonuses for the original version of The Witcher that have been available for some time now. The calendar is even for 2011 and 2012, although whether it's actually going to be used to mark time at all is debatable.

Timing aside, this recent post about the questionable content included with digital purchases of The Witcher raised some ire from the Girl Gamers subreddit, including posts expressing a plan to no longer purchase games in the series.

"I'm sure CD Projekt Red had no intention of making us feel neglected"

When a gamer who goes by the name Jill Valentine on Twitter saw the post, she got an idea.

"I feel like if you want something from someone, even if that someone is a game developer, it can't hurt to contact them and ask nicely," Jill told Polygon.

Instead of boycotting, Jill started her own Reddit thread and a hashtag on Twitter. She's not asking for removal of the sexualized calendar and wallpapers; she doesn't even want an apology. No, Jill just wants CD Projekt Red to make another calendar. A calendar ... of butts.

"I'm sure CD Projekt Red had no intention of making us feel neglected," Jill wrote in her Reddit post, "but I would like to ask them to break the mould, and show girls and gaymers that we are valued customers with a small gesture."

That gesture would be in the form of a calendar focused on The Witcher's main character Geralt, a beefy man who's certainly attractive in his own right if not as outright sexualized as many of the women in the series. Jill calls the movement "#12MonthsOfGeraltButt."

"Honestly, if we boycotted every game that didn't consider us as players, we'd have very few games to play," Jill said. "If you boycott something, you remove yourself from being a part of that market altogether, so they have no reason to consider your wants or needs."

"if we boycotted every game that didn't consider us as players, we'd have very few games to play"

Jill says she's hoping this movement will both make the developers laugh and "also let them know that they do have many loyal female and gay fans."

In the first 48 hours since starting the "#12MonthsOfGeraltButt" campaign, Jill estimates she's gathered support from over 250 fans, including on Reddit and Twitter.

"The human need for butts burns in the hearts of all people," Jill said. "The response has been enthusiastic (and sometimes pretty raunchy)!

"Even if we don't get our man-butts calendar, hopefully we at least made some people laugh."

Polygon has reached out to CD Projekt regarding this story and will update if we hear back.

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