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Silver Mario amiibo spotted in the wild came from a mysterious Chinese site

A YouTube video shows a rumored rare silver Mario amiibo working with Mario Party 10, lending credence to unofficial reports that Nintendo will be offering variants of the figurines.

In the video below, by YouTuber MatteomaxM, Silver Mario pairs with the party game and unlocks a matching in-game skin for the Italian plumber. MatteomaxM says he bought the amiibo from a Chinese website, Taobao, where he's also ordered prototype Skylanders figures.

Though Nintendo hasn't officially revealed the Silver Mario amiibo, a listing on Nintendo's website from early February showed gold and silver variants of Mario's original figure. Nintendo later revealed the Walmart-exclusive Gold Mario amiibo, supporting the original report.

Nintendo released its amiibo line of figurines, similar to Disney Infinity and Skylanders, last year. They typically retail for $12.99.

Nintendo recently released a new series of amiibo, including Bowser, Luigi, a non-golden Mario, Peach, Toad and Yoshi. All six characters are playable in Mario Party 10. Toad's figurine will also unlock a hidden "pixel Toad" in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker on Wii U. At a Nintendo Direct event in January, the company detailed all of the amiibo set to arrive this spring. For more on the video game/toy hybrids, you can watch Nintendo's reveal video below MatteomaxM's.

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