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We are truly terrible at making videos in Grand Theft Auto 5's PC version

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This morning, we gave ourselves a challenge: Could we learn how to use the Video Editor tools exclusive to the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5, and create something as professional-looking as the platform's debut film, "Running, Man"? After several hours, we found our answer: Definitively, no. Absolutely not.

Posted above you'll find "Parkour All The Time," a two-minute stunt reel that took us three real-earth hours to produce. While GTA 5 PC's editing tools are robust (and relatively easy to learn), there's a few friction points that still need worked out; namely, moving between clips requires a jarring load time, even when you're previewing your full project before you export it.

However, it's not the tools' fault for "Parkour All The Time." The blame for "Parkour All The Time" rests entirely on our shoulders. But hey, you know how you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice. Also, we're really far away from Carnegie Hall. Like, we're not even in the state of New York.

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