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Samorost3 trailer shows another pretty adventure from the makers of Botanicula

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Czech developer Amanita Design is known for making gorgeous point-and-click adventures with likeable characters and lush soundtracks.

Much-loved games like Botanicula (2012) and Machinarium (2009) have offered up puzzle adventures within impressive hand-drawn worlds. Previously, the Brno-based outfit released Samorost (2003) a browser-based adventure, as well as a 2005 sequel for PC. Both featured a gnome in search of a lost dog.

This trailer, released today, shows how the third game in the series is coming along. Back in 2013, Amanita announced Samorost3 along with a cute teaser. Now we can see how good the game looks and sounds. It's due to be released on Windows PC, Mac, iOS and Android later this year.