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Apple Watch gets its first sports game with Watch this Homerun

Watch this Homerun, from developer Eyes Wide Games, aims to distill the entire baseball experience down to a mobile game you play on your wrist, specifically on your Apple Watch.

"We've seen where Apple Watch is going, and it's clear that giving sports fans and gamers fast and easy ways to plug into their favorite pastimes anytime will be a defining feature of the platform," Eyes Wide Games CEO Stephen Griffin wrote in a prepared statement. "With Watch This Homerun, we're distilling the complete baseball experience down to its greatest hits in a form players can enjoy in just 10-15 seconds on the go."

Players will try to hit in-game pitches by tapping their watch face. The game's iPhone companion app will track competitive leaderboards, achievements and personal stats.

Eyes Wide Games also has plans for one-touch games based on soccer, football, basketball and more with the goal of creating experiences that can be enjoyed in ten to 15 second bursts.