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This GTA5 video of Franklin on a forklift is the funniest thing ever, somehow

The PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5 hit earlier this week, and not even two days later, we are already reaping the benefits of its new built-in video editor thanks to extraordinarily stupid videos like this one from YouTube user TMulharin.

It's hard to pin down what's so special about this video: Is it the pacing? The immediate escalation of conflict for no reason? The shot of Franklin dejectedly driving the forklift in circles juxtaposed with Yung Gangsta's "I'm A Real 1"?

Is it the forklift? It's probably the forklift. Whatever the reason, you can see more of TMulharin's videos on his YouTube channel, or directly on his Rockstar Social Network profile.

Below, you can see our first attempt at making something with the Rockstar Editor: "Parkour All The Time," directed by our own Griffin McElroy.

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