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Killing a T-rex with Shuhei Yoshida's tweets

In a recent hands-on demo of Super Time Force Ultra for the PlayStation 4, we were able to play with three new Sony-exclusive exclusive characters — SCEA’s President of Sony's Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida, Sir Galahad from The Order: 1886 and the sort-of nameless protagonist from Journey.

Hanging out in the long ago BC level, we tried out every new time copper in turn. The Journey character is a pacifist, so, instead of a gun, they shoot scarfs, which swirl in the pixelated wind and wreak havoc on bad guys. They also have a handy double jump, which helps with platforming. Galahad has a trusty charge gun that does massive damage.

But perhaps the best new character is Shuhei, a sort of chibi version of the real man. With a jaunty high-armed run and a charge-tweet attack, he proved handy when facing off against the mission's boss. In fact, I killed the multi-phase T-rex with one perfectly-placed tweet, a proud moment for video games.

Check out the gameplay footage above for a few choice examples of the new characters. Super Time Force Ultra will arrive on the Vita and PS4 soon, with the three exclusive characters in tow.

Disclosure notice: Polygon accepted transportation to Sony's preview event.

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