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Apple Watch's four-letter word game

The Apple Watch is getting a launch day word game from Australian developer Right Pedal.

In Snappy Word, four random letters appear in tiles on the watch face and players tap them in order to create words. The goal is to see how many words you can create in 30 seconds. The game includes real-time player-versus-player mode, the ability to compete against friends or others using the Game Center, leaderboards and a dictionary of more than 3,900 words.

Snappy Word is a free ad-supported game and can also be played on an iPhone, iPad or iPod.

John Passfield, program manager at Right Pedal, said he decided to create the game using Swift after hearing the rumors about the Apple Watch.

"With the rumours of an Apple Watch swirling around I knew this was a device I wanted to make games for," he said in a prepared statement. "So I learnt Swift and built a list of game ideas that could work on the Watch. When the Watch was officially announced and the WatchKit SDK was released I sat down and worked through which ideas could work with the initial SDK."

He said the watch face made four buttons an obvious choice for layout and that he is a big fan of word games.

"The four button layout lent itself perfectly to the idea of making four letter words as rapidly as you can," he said. "I built a quick prototype at the end of January 2015 on the Watch and it was fun to play. I used my existing word lists from my Brainiversity word games, so the game came together very fast.

"While waiting for the announcement of when the Apple Watch would come out I built in real time multiplayer game play and added statistics. The versus mode lets you compete in real time against friends and other Game Center players from around the world."

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