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Matthew McConaughey knows how you feel about the new Star Wars trailer

The reactions to the new Star Wars trailer on social media yesterday were almost uniformly positive. Many adults, this writer included, confessed to tearing up a bit in places. Even with that in mind, nothing can prepare you for the joy of watching Matthew McConaughey watching the trailer.

When it comes to cinema mash-ups it doesn't get much better than this, mostly due to the fact McConaughey's Interstellar scene so closely matches what many of us were feeling when we watched the trailer, even if we had to tell coworkers it was all just a little bit dusty in the office that day.

Matthew McConaughey, we know where you're coming from. Never be ashamed to love Star Wars. If you want to dig a bit deeper, The Verge has a great look at this particular meme.

Here's the original trailer, if you'd like to watch it one more time:

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