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Capt. Janeway cosplayer anticipating real coffee aboard International Space Station

Charlie Hall is Polygon’s tabletop editor. In 10-plus years as a journalist & photographer, he has covered simulation, strategy, and spacefaring games, as well as public policy.

On Tuesday Space X launched another shipment of supplies off to the International Space Station, and there to receive it today is none other than Captain Janeway.

Sam Cristoforetti is an Italian astronaut currently aboard the International Space Station. She's been in orbit since November of last year, and from the looks of it she did a little extra packing for the trip. She's clearly wearing a Starfleet uniform and a tiny ISS pin in place of the traditional chevron.

The text of her tweet is an in-joke that fans of the Star Trek: Voyager series will recognize. In Voyager's fifth episode, titled The Cloud, when Janeway's told that there's energy in a nearby nebula she quips about her favorite beverage. You can see the clip below.

Cristoforetti is slated to come home next month. No doubt she's getting a bit punchy up there. More than likely, she's beginning to feel the relationship she has with her crewmates is more valuable than ever — much like Janeway herself in The Cloud.

"Personal log, stardate 48546.2. Our journey home is several weeks old now, and I have begun to notice in my crew, and in myself, a subtle change as the reality of our situation settles in. Here in the Delta Quadrant, we are virtually the entire family of man. We are more than a crew, and I must find a way to be more than a Captain to these people, but it's not clear to me exactly how to begin. At the Academy, we're taught that a captain is expected to maintain a certain distance. Until now, I've always been comfortable with that distance. Maybe this is just the way it works. Maybe the distance is necessary. Maybe more than ever now, they need me to be larger than life. I only wish I felt larger than life. Computer, delete last sentence."

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