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Man makes mockery of Bloodborne by beating it with a Rock Band guitar controller

Bloodborne is a difficult video game, people will tell you. You'll die a lot, they'll say. It may make you want to snap your controller in half, they'll warn you.

Those people aren't necessarily wrong, but Twitch streamer Benjamin "bearzly" Gwin ignores their words. He's made a name for himself with, as he puts it, "challenge runs of Dark Souls using terrible controllers." Last year, Gwin completed Dark Souls with a Rock Band controller, and later managed the same feat with Dark Souls 2. Last month, he even beat the game with the bongos from the GameCube title Donkey Konga.

Naturally, Bloodborne was next on Gwin's hit list.

Gwin's run of "Guitarborne" included the challenging boss battle you see above, the Shadow of Yharnam. The fight is made even more treacherous by the "poor movement/camera controls" afforded by the Rock Band guitar, according to Gwin.

"Choked several times on this one," he added.

Gwin used ConsoleTuner's Titan One USB accessory to allow him to play Bloodborne, a PlayStation 4 game, with an Xbox 360 guitar controller. You can see his crazy button mapping above. One example of the insanity he's putting himself through: Moving right is mapped to the controller's tilt feature, which triggers Star Power in Rock Band games.

If you're curious about vanilla Bloodborne, check out our Let's Play of the game with Danielle Riendeau and Phil Kollar, starting with the first episode below. You can also read our review.

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