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George Lucas hasn't watched the new Star Wars trailer yet

This afternoon, as part of the Tribeca Talks Directors series at the Tribeca Film Festival, a geek king sat down with the geek emperor. That is, Stephen Colbert sat down for an hour-long interview with George Lucas. We'll share more highlights of the talk later this evening, but one of the more surprising things Lucas revealed is that he hasn't seen the latest trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet. The trailer, revealed yesterday at the opening ceremonies of the Star Wars: Celebration event, rocked the internet community, igniting the long dormant hopes of Star Wars fans.

Lucas told Colbert, "I have seen the first [teaser]. The other one, that came out today, I just saw what was on CBS. But I'm gonna try to look at it. I want to see it on the big screen, so —"

"I've got it on my phone," Colbert casually interjected, as if the idea of watching George Lucas watch yesterdays' electrifying new footage was no big deal to him.

"Yeah," Lucas continued with a tone of gentle irony, "I'm gonna take my little iPhone and plug it into my giant [screen]."

The discussion then dovetailed into the director's opinion on the now common practice of watching movies on phones, tablets and other small screens. "I know people who get apoplectic about it," Lucas confessed. He said that as far as he's concerned, he makes movies for the big screen that work best on the big screen, and watching them otherwise won't be the same experience. But just as strongly, he stressed that you can't tell people where to watch their movies, "especially in the future."

After all, Star Wars was a long time ago. Check back later for more from Tribeca Talks Directors: George Lucas with Stephen Colbert. And check out the best parts of the trailer here.

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