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It's Trailerin' Time! See the second Fantastic Four teaser here

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The latest trailer for the Fantastic Four reboot hit YouTube today, you can get a gander at it above.

In the video, we're starting to see the story coalesce around the reimagining of this franchise, which has an uphill climb in the suspension-of-disbelief department, not unlike Superman in any film starring him.

Instead of being highly accomplished adults at the top of their field, they're all 20-something wunderkinds. So this is like MIT math camp with superpowers? But the otherdimensional journey, instead of to near-earth orbit, should help smooth out the acquisition of their titular fantastic capabilities. There's also the introduction of Doctor Doom.

This look still is as brooding as the first trailer, which was quite the departure from its brightly lit 2005 and 2007 predecessors, but not as hamhanded as the Batman v. Superman trailer we got earlier this week.