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See just how fast Mario Kart 8's new 200cc speed really is

Yesterday, Nintendo announced that it was adding a super fast 200cc class speed option to Mario Kart 8, making it the fastest Mario Kart ever. It's sure to be a nightmare on Rainbow Road, but Nintendo says all tracks will be playable at the new top speed. So, just how fast is it?

Nintendo released a pair of videos today that show off the new 200cc class speed. In the comparison video above, you'll see the difference between a 150cc class race — previously, Mario Kart 8's fastest speed — and its 200cc class equivalent. The new 200cc speed shaves off about 13 seconds from a starting lap time in Dolphin Shoals, which is crazy fast.

In the video below, you'll see how Mario Kart 8's Grumble Volcano looks while racing at 200cc. A full race goes by in a blistering 90 seconds.

Mario Kart 8's free 200cc update arrives April 23, the same day the second batch of paid downloadable content, featuring Animal Crossing-themed racers, karts and tracks, hits the Wii U game.

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