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We made a Hearthstone arena deck by only picking leftmost cards ... and it doesn't suck

If you've been following along as Griffin and I play through the Blackrock Mountain add-on, you already know that we have a very particular approach to the game of Hearthstone. An approach that can best be summed up as: doing the most ridiculous shit possible and praying that it works.

With that attitude and our grateful legion of fans in the #StonerZNation in mind, we decided to do something really silly to celebrate 4/20, our most important national holiday. In this case, that meant drafting up a hot new arena deck ... by only picking the left cards.

This has got to be an unmitigated disaster, right? We must lose every game? RIGHT?

Well ... watch it for yourself above. And get ready to be angry at Blizzard for allowing this to happen.

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