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Chart shows which public companies are making the most money from games

Research outfit Newzoo has released new data that shows which publicly traded companies made the most money from video games last year.

The chart, part of a larger $6,900 annual report on the game industry, shows how companies like Tencent, Apple and Google are growing in gaming as they compete against hardware manufacturers and traditional games companies.

The top 25 publicly traded earners in games made a collective $54.1 billion in revenues last year, according to a report in VentureBeat. That's a 65 percent chunk of the global video game market, with the rest going to smaller companies, or those that are not publicly traded, like Valve.

Tencent, owner of Riot Games, tops the list with gaming revenues of $7.2 billion. Sony, Microsoft, EA and Activision are the next biggest earners, before the mobile giants Google and Apple kick in, with King, Ubisoft and Nintendo making up the top ten.

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