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Trivia Crack gets an Apple Watch upgrade

Trivia Crack, the popular online Android, iOS, Windows Phone and web quiz game, is coming to the Apple Watch, the developers announced today.

The game, which has already been upgraded to support the watch, will allow trivia experts to play the game directly on the watch and will feature animated interfaces.

"Trivia Crack is thrilled to be a part of the premiere of Apple Watch," said Maximo Cavazzani, CEO of developer Etermax. "The game will be formatted so it will be able to be played entirely on the new Apple Watch face. You can answer questions directly on the watch, and get alerts when it's your turn. No need to look at your phone. We know it will be an amazing user experience for Trivia Crack and Apple fans alike."

Trivia Crack has more than 150 million users worldwide and has been ranked the number one game in 25 countries.

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