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Tony Hawk posts a live-action Pro Skater joke, winks at game leaks

We know that Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 (working title!) is coming, and Hawk himself has begun to joke about the leaked game with his Instagram account. This clever little video uses music from Pro Skater 2, skater Rob Wootton acting out the animations from the older game's menus. The whole thing is catnip if you're a fan of the classic games.

"Select your character (by @rob.wootton)," the video's text states. "I am sharing this now in honor of our next game having been accidentally 'leaked' recently... THPS fans will rejoice. Details soon."

This isn't the first time Tony Hawk has teased fans of the classic series, and it's unlikely to be the last before we get actual details.

We'll likely get a full announcement at E3 this year, but this emphasis on the more classic details of the franchise is encouraging.

Correction: We originally stated Tony Hawk created the video, it's actually a repost from Rob Wootton.

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