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Axiom Verge gets a Windows release date with Mac, Linux and Vita support planned

If acting as sole programmer, artist, designer, composer, animator et al. for PlayStation 4 Metroidvania title Axiom Verge wasn't already impressive enough, developer Tom Happ just announced a PC release date for the game: May 14.

The game will be available on both the Humble Store and Steam for the same $19.99 price as its PS4 counterpart, and it features Steam-specific features like cloud saves and Trading Cards (yes, there are AAA titles that don't support those features).

Though Happ tells Polygon that support for Mac and Linux platforms "might not be ready on launch day," it's "purportedly trivial" with the FNA API he's using. Other games that have been built using the same underlying technology include Chasm and Rogue Legacy; the former is being developed for all three PC platforms, while the latter is currently available on all three. The game will also follow the lead of fellow PlayStation and PC indie Titan Souls and support the PS4's DualShock 4 on PC, Happ confirmed.

If you're waiting for the PlayStation Vita version, Happ's press release notes it's still planned "to follow" and will support Cross Buy if you've already purchased the PS4 version. But give him some time, he's only one man.

Axiom Verge gameplay Overview

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