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Konami made a new Contra starring Star Wars' Chewbacca

If Star Wars Battlefront kindled your interest in Star Wars-inspired shooters, Konami just released one of its own. Konami and LucasArts' free-to-play, card-based game Star Wars: Force Collection now includes a mini-game homage to the company's classic run-and-gun shooter, Contra.

The new mini-game stars Chewbacca, however, not Lance Bean and Bill Rizer — though the Wookiee shares their talent for impressive jump flips.

The Contra-inspired mini-game sends Chewie, armed with his iconic bowcaster, to the forest moon of Endor and an Imperial base in a battle against Stormtroopers and the occasional AT-ST. The mini-game appears to borrow pretty heavily from the original arcade and NES games, with side-scrolling and pseudo-3D levels, and a version of Contra's iconic spread shot power-up.

Star Wars: Force Collection is available for free on Apple's App Store and the Google Play Store. Players will need to complete the mobile game's tutorial before getting access to the Contra mini-game.

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