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First details on Destiny: House of Wolves' new Reef social space, Queen's Bay

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With Destiny's second expansion, House of Wolves, developer Bungie is adding an all-new social space for players to hang out, pick up new bounties and missions, and purchase new gear. The new space, Queen's Bay in the Reef, will serve as a key location for House of Wolves' story.

In a Twitch stream, Destiny creative director Christopher Barrett and David "DeeJ" Dague walked viewers through the Reef social space and its story agents.

One of the main non-player characters in Queen's Bay is Petra Venj, a story agent who serves the Queen. Players will be able to rank up in her faction, Queen's Wrath, by completing bounties that focus on hunting down members of the House of Wolves, the group of Fallen that rebelled against the Queen.

Petra will offer new bounties, and as players gain reputation in Queen's Wrath, they'll get access to new armor shaders, emblems and ships, including a striking new Awoken ship.

Another story agent players will encounter in Queen's Bay is Variks, a Fallen vendor. According to Bungie, he's a member of the House of Judgment, "an old house of the Fallen." Variks is tied to the new Prison of Elders cooperative battle arena mode coming in House of Wolves, and players will be able to acquire new gear from him by playing the new mode.

Bungie also introduced Brother Vance, an emissary for House of Wolves' other new mode, Trials of Osiris. Bungie described Trials of Osiris as a weekly competitive special event that will run Friday to Tuesday, and players will be able to acquire new rewards, supplies and passage from Vance.

The Bounty Tracker Bot, whom players encounter in the Tower, will also make an appearance in the Reef social space. He'll hand out Vanguard and Crucible bounties in Queen's Bay, and based on Bungie's livestream, it looks like his stock of bounties is the same as it is in the Tower. It also appears that the postmaster and vault are also accessible from the new Reef social space.

Bungie said that players will still have reasons to visit the Tower, as it's the space where players will still outfit themselves and purchase new gear.

Destiny: House of Wolves is coming to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on May 19.

Destiny: House of Wolves: Reef social area tour

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